The Windows PE environment

At present, Macrium Reflect provides the ability to Create a Rescue Environment. It is possible to create a Linux CD but also to create a cut down version of Windows called the  Preinstallation Environment (PE). This provides sufficient hardware and user interface support to enable Reflect to be run from a single CD. This can then be used to restore an image. The other advantage of running Windows from a CD is that it is possible to restore corrupted system partitions.

When the Windows PE CD / USB rescue CD is booted, Reflect automatically loads as follows:

Start menu

The taskbar provides three options:



This button allows you to shut down the Windows PE environment

This button opens a command window

This button opens and explorer window

Reflect in Windows PE

Macrium Reflect in Windows PE is very similar to the main installation but is focused on enabling you to backup and restore. This help page however, will only detail the Windows PE specific features that Macrium Reflect provides. Backup and Restore operations are identical to that of the full version of Reflect.

The unique two functions to Reflect can be found in the Restore Tasks menu on the top left hand section of the program and are as follows:




Fix boot problems