Create a Backup

The 'Create a Backup' tab shows information about the disks and partitions in the system that can be backed up.


Selecting either the disks or partitions allows you to perform specific actions on the selected device. In the example above, the NTFS Primary C: drive has been selected.

Partition Layout

Underneath the backup specific tabs is a visual representation of the disks attached to the system. In the diagram above, there are two disk (MBR Disk 1 and 2), the first of which has two partitions, a system reserve active partition and a primary partition C: drive. Different types of partition and volumes are shown in different colors as shown below:

Primary, active partitions. Shown in blue

Logical partitions. Shown in green

 Dynamic Volumes. Shown in orange

See Also: Disk Types

Disk specific options

By clicking on a specific disk it is possible to perform actions associated with that disk



Clone Disk

Creates a clone of the selected disk. If this is a system disk, it can be redeployed to a different system without any further configuration required. This is useful if you are upgrading your disk

Image this disk...

Runs the 'Image Local Drives' wizard, selecting the current disk and associated partitions by default

Partition specific options

Clicking on a specific partition and then selecting the 'Actions' pull-down menu gives three options:



Image this partition only...

This runs the 'Image Local Drives' wizard, but selects only this selected partition by default

File System Properties...

Displays the Windows dialog equivalent to selecting a disk in Windows Explorer and viewing it's properties.

Analyze File System

Displays an analysis of the file system on the current partition