The Restore screen is shown when the 'Restore' tab is selected.

Restore Specific Tabs

Within the restore screen, it is possible to carry out the following actions by selecting the relevant tab



Restore Image

Restore an image

File and Folder Restore

Restore specific files or folders from a backup image

Restore Tasks

In the left-hand pane, the 'Restore Tasks' offer the following actions:



Browse for an image...

This opens a Windows Explorer window that can be used to search for backup images. Selected images are displayed in the main pane.

Open an image or backup file in Windows Explorer

Allows the contents of an image to be explored in a Windows Explorer window

Detach a backup image

Unmount a drive mapped to an image that has been mounted for the purposes of viewing in a Windows Explorer window

Other Tasks

See Other Tasks

Backup image specific actions

Clicking on a specific backup image shown in the main pane, gives you a number of options



Browse Image

Browse the image in a Windows Explorer window

Verify Image

Verify that the image has not been corrupted

Restore Image

Restore the image

Other Actions

This gives three options:

  • Create Incremental performs an incremental image to be made using the configuration used to create the original image.

  • Create Differential performs a differential image to be made.

  • Delete File deletes the image file. All backed up files and data will be lost.