Windows Boot Menu


This option is only available to registered users of Reflect.


With the Windows boot menu option enabled you can recover your PC without using a Rescue CD.


Select 'Other Tasks' than 'Add boot menu'




The following dialog is displayed:



You are allowed one free download of the Windows PE environment with each Reflect license. However, unlimited updates to this environment, for enhancements and bug fixes, can be downloaded when available. To check for updates click the appropriate link at the bottom of the boot menu dialog.



If you enable the Windows boot menu then the 'Macrium Reflect System Recovery' option will be added to your start-up boot menu. This option creates a 'Boot Configuration Database' BCD store in Windows XP. In Windows Vista this option adds the Reflect menu option to the existing BCD store.



How the boot menu looks on an XP system:




Pressing 'Enter' on the menu will start a Windows PE environment which identical to the Windows PE rescue CD. The operating system is loaded completely into memory so you can freely access and replace any partition on your local hard disk.