Restore Files and Folders

Applies to: Standard, Professional and Server Editions of Macrium Reflect only.



You can restore files and folders from many sources:

This procedure describes how to restore files to their original folder or restore files inside their original folder structure to another location.  If you want to restore individual files or discard the folder structure then you should browse the image with Windows Explorer and copy and paste the files and folders, see Browse files in backups.

To restore a file and folder backup:

  1. In the Macrium Reflect main window, select the Restore tab at the top left.

  2. Select the File and Folder Restore tab. The restore tab displays a list of all the backup files discovered in the 'Folders To Search'. You can sort the images by date, location, or filename by clicking the   relevant link. You can filter the list by backup disk, and add additional folders to the search. To browse for a backup file that is not listed, click Browse for a backup file at the top.

  3. Click a backup image to select it.

  4. Click Restore Backup.

    The file and folder selection wizard appears.

  5. Select the files and folders that you want to restore.

  6. Click Next.

    The restore to wizard appears.

  7. Select Original location or select New location and browse to the new location.

  8. In the File replace option list, select Replace all files or Replace only files that are different.

  9. If you want the restored files to have their original dates then select Restore folder create and modified dates. Otherwise, the restored files are given the current date and time as they are restored.

  10. To maintain the original permission rights for the restore files then select Restore NTFS permissions.

  11. Click Next.

    A restore summary screen appears.

  12. Click Finish to start the file and folder restore process.