File and Folder Restore

It is possible to restore individual files, groups of files or folders from a backup. This particularly useful if you have accidentally deleted just one file and a whole restore is not necessarily applicable.

This dialog allows the following actions:

Within the backup screen, it is possible to carry out the following actions by selecting the relevant tab



Browse for a backup file

Search for a backup file to be restored

Folders to search

Specify a number of folders to be searched. This is useful if you cycle external backup media which has different drive mappings

Search Backup files

If you only wanted to restore a few specific files or directories you can search within the backup image. You can use multiple wild-card searches delimited using a semicolon. There are also options to search for files based on date. Click Search to find files.

Backup specific options

Clicking on a specific backup image shown in the main pane, gives you 4 options



Browse Image

Browse the image in a Windows Explorer window

Verify Image

Verify that the image has not been corrupted

Restore Backup


Restore the file and folder backup

Other Actions...

Clicking this causes a drop down menu to provide the following actions:

  • Create Incremental runs an incremental backup based on the XML definition file of the current backup image

  • Create Differential runs a differential backup

  • Delete file deletes the backup image and all the backed up files within