Browse for image to Restore

This menu option is used in order to browse the local hard drives for Macrium Reflect images. The images are displayed in the main window as shown below. In this case, the backup contains an image of the NTFS Primary C: drive partition.

At the top of the main pane, there are four options:



Browse for an image file...

This effectively starts the process again, giving you the opportunity to search your hard drives and disks for other image files


Refreshes the images in the current search path

Folders to Search

Allows multiple path locations to be automatically searched for images

Back to search list

Disregards any images you may have searched for and returns to the list of images found as specified in 'Folders to Search'

Partition specific actions

The next part of the main pane shows the details of the image we may wish to restore. In the example above, the NTFS Primary Partition (C: drive) has been backed up. In this case, it also tells me that there is a 100MB partition on the host system, but that this was not backed up in this image.

If you select a partition, i.e. the NTFS Primary Partition an 'Actions...' link will appear specific to that partition. This allows the following:



Browse this partition...

It is possible to browse the image in an explorer window

Restore this partition...

Restore just the selected partition from the image

Image Actions

The bottom section of the main pane, lists the image that was searched for. It appears as follows;

The details of each image are displayed on the left of the image box and on the right, a number of actions can be performed on the image.



Browse Image

Browse the image in a Windows Explorer window

Verify Image

Verify that the image has not been corrupted

Restore Image

Restore the image

Other Actions

This gives three options:

  • Create Incremental performs an incremental image to be made using the configuration used to create the original image.

  • Create Differential performs a differential image to be made.

  • Delete File deletes the image file. All backed up files and data will be lost.