Locate an Image

You will be asked to select an image to restore

  1. Navigate to the folder that contains the image to be restored in the left hand pane. Possible locations are network attached disks, CDs or DVDs, internal hard disks or those attached via USB.

  2. The backup list shows all backup images in the selected folder and the pane below shows the partitions included in the image.

  3. Highlight particular backup image that you want to restore, the contents of which will be revealed in the lower right pane.

  4. In the case that your images are multi-part images typical for images stored on a FAT formatted device such as a USB hard disk or on CD/DVD recordable media, locate the last image in the set.

  5. Note that the drive letters presented in the left pane may be different from those that Windows uses. If you wish to eject a CD, double click on the CD icon.




Locates any storage hardware attached since the wizard started, such as a USB disk.

Network settings

Facilitates manual or DHCP configuration of the network interface(s).

Map drive

Enables access to network attached storage.


Choose partitions