Partitions to overwrite






Select the destination for the restored partition. By default, the original location will be highlighted and selected. You can however restore to any partition or groups of adjacent partitions on the same disk.


To select multiple partitions to overwrite hold down the control key whilst clicking with the left mouse button.


You must create enough space for the restored partition. If the total space of the selected partitions is less than the size of the partition to be restored then the 'Next' button will be disabled.



Click 'Next' to continue.

When you click 'Next' reflect attempts to lock (remove from the operating system) the selected partition(s).  This is not always possible, your 'C:' drive for example, will be in use by Windows itself, in that case the following dialog will be displayed:









Close all Windows


It may be that an open application is stopping Reflect from locking a partition. Try closing all visible windows on your desktop and select this option to try again.

Windows boot menu

  • Close all open applications

  • Click 'OK' to reboot

  • Select 'Macrium Reflect System Recovery' from the Windows boot menu when your PC restarts.


The Windows boot menu option will start your PC in the Reflect recovery environment (Windows PE 2.0).  This is an identical environment to the Windows PE rescue CD. For more information please see here.

Rescue CD

  • Close all open applications

  • Insert your Macrium rescue CD

  • Click 'OK' to reboot

Follow the instruction in the topic Starting your PC with the rescue CD







Partition Type


Partition Selection