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For more information on upgrading, please refer to our FAQ: Upgrade FAQ

You may not receive your license key if:
  • You enter an email address not associated with any orders you made
  • You or your Internet provider use AntiSpam software which blocks the email or a web based permission system which requires sender confirmation.

If you have changed your email address or have any other related upgrade questions, please contact us

For a list of the new and improved features in version 6 please see here

You will be sent an email listing your current license keys, with a link to a Shopping Cart containing the relevant upgrade products.

If you proceed through the checkout and purchase your upgrades, you will be sent another email containing your new Version 6 upgrade license keys.

Once you have acquired a Version 6 licence key, download and run the Macrium Reflect Download Agent.

Make sure "Full Software" is selected, and enter your Version 6 license key. Choose a target folder, and click Download. The Download Agent will automatically detect the correct installer for your license key, and download it.

More information about the Macrium Reflect Download Agent is available at the following knowledgebase article: Installing Macrium Reflect.


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