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The backup space from a reseller perspective

From time to time we like to ask our customers and partners about industry trends, how we are doing and what should we do next. Recently we decided to ask our Macrium Valued Reseller partners for their views on the backup industry, challenges and changes. We were delighted to have over 120 resellers respond to our survey from 22 different countries around the globe.

Over the last year we've been very busy recruiting more resellers to our global partner programme. We understand that our partners are trusted advisers with plenty of real world experience to draw on, and we wanted to find out a bit more about how our resellers work with their clients and understand the challenges they face. Overall we were delighted to discover that 89% of our resellers stated that Macrium was important or very important to their customers.

In the survey we asked our resellers a variety of questions on the type of offerings they put to customers, data loss stories, how they would like to sell the licenses, what the impacts on their customers have been through data loss, and what did they think we should do next.


Belts and Braces!

White Papers

Belts and Braces: Developing a greater understanding of IT Administrator needs in the Backup and DR space

Our customers and prospective customers are at the forefront of all we do. We conducted this research to hear straight from the horse's mouth – what do they want out of a backup and DR solution?

Almost 500 respondents filled in our research survey, which covered their biggest headaches with backup and DR, how they manage their backups and what would be featured in their perfect solution. There have been some interesting results come out of the survey, providing thought provoking insights into the dynamics of this market. There is a real fear of backup failure that suppliers need to address, and ease of use is cited continuously as the most desirable solution feature. We were also very pleased with the resounding positive endorsement we got from the respondents about our products and support.

We hope you find the following survey results of interest. At Macrium we pride ourselves on producing an excellent product that our customers trust to 'save their bacon' whenever disaster strikes.



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