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Small Businesses and the Importance of a Backup Plan

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Stephen Macpherson, Sales Director

It doesn’t matter if you’re a small one-man show, or a large multi-national: no doubt you will be heavily reliant on technology to support your operations. Your customers are very digitally aware and interact with you through common routes such as the internet, email or electronic ordering interfaces. Much like Macrium in a lot of ways! For a small business it is a lot of effort to establish and maintain the technology to support the systems needed for sales, marketing and support; that is often when the needs of data security, or a business disaster recovery (BDR) plan are overlooked.

There are a lot of surveys, vendor reports, expert recommendations and case studies that highlight the need for a BDR plan, yet many small businesses regard it as too difficult or even too expensive. This is despite the enormous monetary impact of downtime on a small business and how this is often fatal to the success of the business owner.


The Lonely IT Adminstrator

Opinion Pieces

For many IT Administrators, even those in large organisations, they are operating within a small, fragmented IT infrastructure. How do you address the challenges they face and meet their complex needs in backup and DR?



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