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If you are a Reseller you can purchase Macrium Reflect for resale from one of our MVP Distribution Partners:

North American Distributors Territory Email Website
Prianto USA North America US-InsideSales@prianto.com www.priantousa.com

European Distributors Territory Email Website
Lifeboat Distribution EMEA sales@lifeboatdistribution.eu  www.lifeboatdistribution.eu
Prianto GmbH EMEA macrium@prianto.com www.prianto.com
Prianto UK UK & Ireland sales@prianto.co.uk Prianto UK Store
Naonis Italy ACQUISTI@NAONIS.IT www.naonis.it

"Rest of World" Distributors Territory Email Website
Soft Solutions Limited New Zealand admin@sofsol.co.nz www.sofsol.co.nz


Distributor Information

Lifeboat Distribution

Territory: EMEA

Email: sales@lifeboatdistribution.eu

Website: www.lifeboatdistribution.eu


Territory: Italy


Website: www.naonis.it

Prianto GmbH

Territory: EMEA

email: macrium@prianto.com

website: Prianto UK Store

Prianto USA

Territory: North America

email: info@priantousa.com

website: www.priantousa.com

Prianto UK

Territory: UK & Ireland

email: sales@prianto.co.uk

website: www.priantousa.com

Soft Solutions Ltd

Territory: New Zealand

email: admin@sofsol.co.nz

website: www.sofsol.co.nz

We are always looking to expand our global distribution network, therefore, if you wish to enquire about becoming an MVP Distribution partner please contact us on partners@macrium.com


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