Product Comparison

Feature/Functionality Home Edition Workstation Server Server Plus
Macrium Fast Imaging        
VSS Support for Data integrity        
Drag and drop user interface        
Reorder & resize partitions        
GPT support        
UEFI Support        
Comment backups        
Differential Images        
Incremental Images        
Delta Incremental Indexing        
File & folder backup        
File & folder masks        
Dynamic disk support        
AES Encryption        
Password protection        
MS Exchange granular backup        
MS SQL granular backup        
Direct disk cloning        
Rapid Delta Cloning        
Backup Management
Auto verification        
Compress backups        
Browse backups        
Backup plan templates        
Full and Differential retention        
Scheduled backups        
Backup definitions        
Backup file management        
Incremental Consolidation / Incrementals forever        
Integrated email component        
Macrium Image Restore        
WinPE rescue environment        
PE boot menu        
Adding drivers to PE        
SSD Trim support        
Macrium Redeploy        
Item level Recovery        
Rapid Delta Restore        
Windows Server Supported        
MS Exchange granular restore        
MS SQL granular restore        
Support period 1 Year 1 Year 1 Year 1 Year
Support Essentials        
Standard Support (Premium Support Available)        
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