Reflect Version 6 Buyers Guide

Buying Guide for Macrium Reflect Version 6

What has changed?

There have been a several major changes to Macrium offerings and buying processes

  • A brand new release of Macrium Reflect with new editions and pricing
  • New website and buying wizard
  • New sales model with channel focus for business buyers
  • New support model and service levels

Products and Editions

There are 4 major editions for sale:

  • Reflect Home Edition
  • Reflect Workstation
  • Reflect Server
  • Reflect Server Plus for SQL and Exchange

What edition should I buy?

If you are a home user with PC's to back up then you should buy Home Edition. If you are a business buyer and want to back up PC's then Workstation is the correct product. Server and Server Plus are for Windows server protection, and if needed full support for SQL and Exchange.  Macrium Reflect will back up both physical and virtual machines.

New Support Model and Service Levels

We are very pleased to announce that we have completely revamped our Support and Maintenance model to better align ourselves with industry norms and improve service levels.  Previously Macrium provided support for up to 12 months, or until a major new version was released. Support was 100% web based and there was no Premium 24x7 support option.  From the release of version 6 all of this is changing.  Full details can be found in the Support section of


  • For all new licenses and upgrades Free Standard Support and Maintenance is included for the first 12 months
  • All customers with valid support will recieve maintenance releases as they become available
  • The Premium business support option is available as an upgrade product from our price list
  • Support and Maintenance for Workstation, Server and Server Plus editions is renewable after 12 months
  • If you receive a free upgrade to version 6, Support and Maintenance will need to be renewed on the anniversary of your version 5 purchase
  • Reflect Home Edition includes 12 months Essentials support. It is non-renewable

How is it Licensed?

The license for all but the Technicians License, is per installation.  It is a perpetual license with the first year of Home Essentials (for Home users) or Support and Maintenance Subscription (for Business users) included. If used in a virtualized environment you will need a license for each virtual machine that is to be backedup.

How is it installed?

If you already have version 5 then Reflect version 6 is a hassle free in place upgrade of version 5 and will pick up all your exisitng images and schedules.

Where can I get pricing?

Pricing is available via the new purchasing wizard, or through a Macrium reseller. We have pricing available in GBP, USD and EUR only.

Changes to Website and Buying Wizard

To reflect the way Macrium is changing how we sell our products the online experience has also changed. If a buyer is on the website and clicks "Buy Now", they will be asked to choose whether they are a Business or Home buyer.  As we deploy the new MVP programme globally, resellers will be directed to a local distributor for pricing and orders, and business buyers to locate a local reseller.  This reflects our policy that eventually all business purchases should go through resellers.

We appreciate there wll be a transition period, therefore we will run the direct buy and reseller options in parallel for a short period to allow businesses and resellers to adjust to our new model.

New Channel Structure

As previously communicated, Macrium is in the process of changing the global sales model.  The immediate impact of this is on our UK resellers and business customers.  Our strategy is for all business customers to eventually buy through our two tier reseller/distribution network.

You can find a Distributor for your region here.

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