Restore Partition Properties

When a partition is copied  it will replace any existing partition(s) on the target disk.   

When a partition is dragged it will replace the partition (or free space) on the target disk.  If the target partition or free space is smaller than the source then the dragged partition is shrunk to fill the space. If the target partition or free space is larger than the source partition then the dragged partition will be the same size as the source partition with free space showing after the dragged partition.

To extend the dragged partition to fill the free space, selected the dragged partition and click the 'Restored partition properties' link..

This shows the 'Partition properties' dialog.


To extend or shrink the partition either..

1. Click the 'Maximum', 'Minimum' or 'Original size' buttons
2. Enter a value in the 'Partition Size' or 'Free space' controls
3. Drag the right edge of the partition, indicated by the dotted line, to the left or right.

You can also change the partition type to either Active, Primary or logical and change the assigned drive letter for the new partition.

Note:  The assigned drive letter is for the current Windows session. If you are cloning a Windows system disk then the letter chosen here is not used when booting into the cloned disk.

Note:  If the target disk is a dynamic disk then the 'Partition Properties' dialog is not available. Cloning to a dynamic disk only allows copying to existing dynamic volumes.

Also see: Partition Alignment