View Windows VSS Events

Take the 'Other Tasks' > 'View Windows VSS Events...' menu option.

Use this option to view Windows Events to help resolve backup failures. Windows events are logged by the system and can be used to troubleshoot problems during an image or file and folder backup.

Microsoft Windows Shadow copy Service (VSS)  will log Warning and Error events when a VSS failure occurs. These events are a valuable source for troubleshooting system problems. .




VSS Events

Show only Microsoft Volume Shadow copy Service (VSS) and Microsoft Software Shadow Copy Provider Events.

All Events

Show events from all sources


Note: Events are shown from the 'Application' and 'System' Logs

Select Range:


Choose from the Last Hour, Today, Last 7 or 30 Days or enter your own range.


Note: When entering your own range click the Refresh button  to view the events.

Error, Warning, Information Events

Restrict the results by using these check boxes.


Note:  Generally, Informational events are of little value when determining the cause of backup failures,

Search Internet

Search the Internet using the Source name and Event Identifier. If your particular error has been experienced by others then this can quickly identify solutions for you to apply.

Clipboard Copy

Copy the formatted event text to the clipboard.

Save to file

Save the event details to a text file. This can be attached to an email for support purposes.


Viewing events for a specific log file.


Click the 'Log' tab, select the log, right click and select 'View Windows Events' or click the toolbar button.


The event dialog will open with the dates restricted to the start and end times of the backup. By default, error and warning events from all sources will be shown