Verify Image

Contains settings as to whether image or file and folder backup files should be verified prior to being restored.




Specify to verify each backup file as it is restored.  If the backup is spread over multiple media, Macrium Reflect will prompt for any media required to complete the verification operation.  If selected then the restore operation will not proceed until the verification process has completed.

Note:  The image is also verified as it is being restored and will abort the restore if damaged data is attempted to be read.

It can take several minutes to verify an image, but, if the data is stored on optical media (CD / DVD) then it is recommended that you verify as this medium is inherently less reliable that hard disk based storage.

If you are restoring to a new or different hard drive then verification is not strictly necessary, as the restore will abort if corrupt data is read and you can then try a different image (if available).

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