Email Server

Applies to: Standard, Professional and Server Editions of Macrium Reflect only.



Provides settings for the email server configuration for Macrium Reflect.  These settings remain default to Macrium Reflect and cannot be altered by a backup definition.



Senders Email

The email address of the person sending the email notifications.



The authentication method to use when connecting to the server, available options are:

  • None

  • Auto Detect

  • Challenge/Response (CRAM-MD5)

  • Secure Username/password login (AUTH_LOGIN)

  • Username/password login (AUTH_PLAIN)

  • Microsoft NT Lan Manager (NTLM)



Username to connect to the server as.


Password for the username when connecting to the server.


The SMTP server name or IP address.

Connection Type

How Macrium Reflect will connect to the SMTP server, available options are:

  • Plain Text (No Security)

  • Secure Sockets (SSL/TLS)

  • Transport Layer Security (STARTTLS)


Port number that the SMTP server is listening on.

Test Recipients Email

Enter a valid recipient list into this field and click the Test button to validate the supplied server settings.