Applies to: Standard, Professional and Server Editions of Macrium Reflect only.



Backups can be password protected. Use the settings on this page to specify the password settings for all newly created backups.  If a backup has had a password specified then it can only be restored or browsed after the password has been correctly entered.  For security reasons the original password is not stored in the backup file, only an MD5 hash value of the password is stored.  The password can be up to 256 characters long and comprise of letters and numbers with the letters being case sensitive.



Enable password protection

Specify whether image and file and folder backups will be password protected..

Enter Password

Enter the password to use.

Re-Enter Password

Confirm the password to use.

AES Encryption

Specify the AES Encryption level.  Allows you to specify up to 256 bit encryption, making your data completely secure.  There is a minimum password length requirement for AES as follows:

  • 128 Bit - 8  Characters

  • 192 Bit - 16 Characters

  • 256 Bit - 32 Characters

Encrypt Stored Passwords

Specify whether to encrypt the passwords stored in the XML backup definition file.

Note: Please be aware.  Backup data cannot be recovered without the password, it is vitally important that you remember the password used for a backup.  The password in a backup cannot be reset.