Advanced Backup Options

Provides settings the modify the default behavior of Macrium Reflect when creating image or file and folder backups.



Exclude VSS writers

Checking this option will stop all VSS Writers from participating in the volume snapshot. Note: VSS aware applications (e.g.: MS Exchange) may not be in a stable state at the time of the snapshot.

Enable Write File Caching

Check this option to enable file write caching when creating backups.  Macrium Reflect will by default write directly to disk, if you experience slow backups, enable this option.

Enable additional VSS logs

Checking this option will create additional VSS log files.

Ignore bad sectors

Enabling this option will cause Macrium Reflect ignore any bad sectors on the disk when creating images.

Display Backup Notification Delay

Check this to pop up a message box alerting you that a backup is about to commence, valid time range is between 0 and 60 seconds.

Disable CD-ROM/DVD-ROM drive enumeration

Check this option to stop Macrium Reflect from attempting enumerate your opticla drives, recommended when the backup process freezes during partition selection.

Do not abort file and folder backup if root folder is missing

This allows the file and folder to continue, even if the root folder at the highest level has been deleted

Enforce entered image or file and folder backup file name

This option ensures that a full is run instead of an incremental or differential if the destination file name does not exist.

Create CD Engine log file

Causes logging to be switch on during CD creation