Create Rescue Media


This wizard is used to create a rescue CD to restore to a non-booting system or to restore your Windows system partitions.

There are  two types of rescue CD:

  1. Windows PE

  2. Linux

More information on the specifics of these types can be found here

How to access this wizard


The introductory wizard screen offers you a choice of rescue media environment depending on your system and your choices when you downloaded Reflect. This allows you to choose the type of rescue media environment you wish to create. The following types of rescue media are available:

Regardless of the options present, once selected the process of creating a rescue CD using Windows PE is the same regardless of which version is used.

Wizard Step


Rescue Media Wizard - Drivers

Adds drivers to PE-based rescue media environments

Rescue Media Wizard - Prepare Image

Prepare the PE environment

Rescue Media Wizard - Burn PE Media

Burn PE based media to disk or create a bootable USB drive.

Rescue Media Wizard - Linux

Create a Linux based rescue CD/USB