VBScript Files

The 'VBScript Files' tab allows you to create, modify and manage your VB scripts using the VBScript Files tab.

The window consists of a tool bar underneath which is a list of the VBScript files. In this case, there is one - 'My Documents.vbs'. The bottom pane shows the code for the VBScript. There is also a tab that shows the referenced XML definition file.

To edit the VBScript file directly, right click on the code and select 'Edit'.

The Toolbar allows the following actions:



Opens a Windows Explorer window at the location of the selected VB script

Adds an existing VB script to the list. This is especially useful when importing legacy VB files

Edit the selected VB script. This outputs the VB file into a text editor

Removes the VB script from the list. This does not delete it from the disk

Run the VB script.

Schedule the VB script to run automatically at a time of your choosing. See Schedule task

Create a Windows desktop shortcut

It is also possible to shortcut to some of these options by right-clicking on the VB script file.