Clone Partition Properties

This dialog shows the properties of a specific partition.

It is possible to adjust the parameters of the partition. You can use the controls in the dialog as described in the table below, but you can also click-and-drag the size of the partition by clicking on the arrow above the top right-hand corner of the partition icon.



Drive letter

Set the drive letter that this partition will take

Partition type

Choose primary or logical partition type

Partition size

Adjust the partition size. You can also click-and-drag the size using the arrow at the top right hand of the disk bar.

Free space

This can also be adjusted as required


Choose between Vista/7/SSD and XP (CHS). This option will automatically default to the correct alignment in most situations. However, if you are moving Windows XP to a Solid State Disk (SSD) then you can change the alignment to 'Vista/7/SSD' for optimized file system positioning.

Maximum size

Sets the partition to use all the remaining space on the disk available

Minimum size

Sets the partition to be the minimum permissible size based on the size of data on the source disk

Original size

Sets the partition to be the same size as the source disk