Automatic Windows PE Driver Injection

Applies to: Standard, Professional and Server Editions of Macrium Reflect only.



When creating Windows PE rescue media you will be shown the status of driver support for certain devices in your computer, e.g.: RAID controllers.  Should a device not be supported in WinPE as standard you will need to add your own drivers in order for these devices to work correctly.  The Rescue Media Drivers step in the WinPE rescue wizard can help you with this process. In versions all versions of Windows except Windows XP/Server 2003, the drivers are copied automatically. However in Windows XP and Server 2003, this must be done manually, using the Update Driver Wizard as shown below.

It should be noted that you do not need to add drivers for all unsupported devices.  For example, if you intend to restore from a local drive and not from a network card and your hard drive controller is supported but the network card is not then you can proceed to create the rescue media without adding network card support.

The best source for these drivers, should they be needed, would be from the CD that came bundled with your motherboard/controller device.  You can also download driver packages from the vendor website as a ZIP file, extract them to a folder for use in this process.  Drivers commonly consist of .INF and .SYS files but can also comprise .CAT and .DLL files, all files that make up the driver package are required to be present in the same folder when an attempt is made to add the driver to rescue media.

Macrium Reflect will attempt to match operating system drivers to devices if they are found to be unsupported in Windows PE.  IF a matching driver is found, all relevant files will be copied into the rescue media.

Adding A Driver

Select an unsupported device from the list and either select a specific driver by clicking Update as shown below.  All subfolders will automatically be checked.  If any suitable drivers are found they will be copied to the rescue media.