Using Autocomplete

When entering a path in any of the following areas:

- Select folder to backup

- Destination folder

- Folders to search

- others


Macrium Reflect makes use of a feature known as autocomplete.  As you type into the appropriate edit box, Macrium Reflect will search either local files systems or  network servers (and their associated public shares) for matching folders and present them in a list.

In Use

The autocomplete feature is triggered based on a certain sequence of characters typed into the edit box and these sequences can be used in conjunction with the list window showing the results.

Type In

To Achieve


Searches for network servers.


Searches for all public shares on ServerName.


Search for all local disks.  Note that you don't have to type in X, as long as the second character typed is a colon (:) Macrium Reflect will list all local drives.


Search for all folders localed on drive X,


Search for all folders under SomeFolder on drive X: