Create a Linux Rescue Environment

To create a Linux CD  Rescue Environment

  1. From the menu, click Other Tasks > Create Rescue Media.

    The Rescue Media wizard appears.

  2. Select Linux and click Next.


    Note: As with all rescue CD's, the Linux rescue CD can restore all Windows operating system.

  3. The Rescue Media Drivers page will be shown.  This step in the wizard will list devices that may be required to restore an image in the Windows PE environment, e.g.: RAID controllers.  Note that it is not necessary to add drivers for all the devices, you only need to add drivers for devices that will be used in a restore or image process.  See Further Reading for more topics.  Click Next when all required drivers have been set for devices.

    The Rescue Media Burn page appears.

    Advanced Options

    The Linux rescue CD advanced options can help boot your system if the CD has problems with your PC hardware.

    Click the 'Advanced' button.

    Select Compatibility Mode or Debug Mode as required and click OK.

  4. Select the media as follows:

  5. Click Finish to begin creating the media.

    Note: If you have problems creating a disk, you can try burning it using your preferred CD/DVD writing software. To use separate burning software, save the image as an ISO image file. To create an ISO image file, select CD/DVD Burner, and select Create ISO image file from the list. Your preferred CD/DVD writing software should know what to do with the ISO image file.

  6. Shutdown and boot your computer with the Rescue media.

You should now have your Rescue media ready to restore an image. Keep the media in a safe place.