Schedule Backups


You can schedule backups to either run at a different time or to run repeatedly. For each scheduled backup, you can decide whether you want it to run as a differential, incremental or full backup. You can also manage space on the disk by automating the deletion of redundant backups.

Note: Macrium Reflect uses the Windows Scheduler service so you need to ensure that this has been activated in Windows.


To schedule backups

  1. In the Macrium Reflect main window, select the Backup tab at the top left, then click the Backup Definition Files tab.

  2. Select the XML definition file you wish to schedule and click the Schedule button as shown above. You can also right-click the XML definition file and select 'Schedule' from the menu.

  3. You will then be presented with the following dialog:

  4. Select the options you require as follows:



    Backup type

    Select Full, Incremental or Differential depending on the type of backup your require

    Run as user / password

    You can configure the task to run as a different user, however they must have Administrator privileges.

    Task Name

    Enter a textual description that can be used to identify this task in the Windows Scheduler

  5. Click Next

  6. Select how often you would like the task to run. Options are Daily, Weekly, Monthly, One Time Only, When my computer starts and At log on

  7. Click Next

  8. You can now configure specifically when you would like the task to run. The dialog above shows the weekly view. Other dialogs may differ slightly.

  9. When you are happy, click Next

  10. This dialog shows a summary of the scheduled task.


  11. Review the changes and click Finish. A task will then be added to the Windows scheduler and will be run as required.