Clone a disk


Macrium Reflect™ is able to clone one disk to another. It is not necessary for the disks to be identical or the even the same size.

Note: Please be warned that all data and partitions on the target disk will be erased in the cloning process.


There are some notes on cloning and why this is different to an image or backup here.

To clone a disk:

  1. Select the disk you wish to clone and click the 'Clone a disk...' link


  2. When the clone dialog appears, click the 'Select a disk to clone to...' link in the destination section. This lists the disks that are available to be cloned to. Select the disk you require as shown below:

    In this case MBR Disk2 has been selected.

  3. Now click-and-drag all the partitions from the source disk you require to the destination disk. Please note that in order to boot Windows, all system partitions (denoted by the Windows symbol) must be copied.

  4. If you select a partition and click the 'Cloned Partition Properties' link, you can drag the slider to adjust the target size:

    In this instance, you can drag and drop the size, select the maximum or minimum size or keep the partition the same size as the original. You can also specifically assign a drive letter. However, please note that you can not assign two C: drives on the same system so when the drive has been cloned, you may notice that Windows has reassigned the drive letters to be consistent. When the original disk has been removed from the system, this issue should resolve itself. Failing this, you can use the Windows disk manager to assign the drive letters you require.

    When you have finished setting the partition properties, click OK

  5. Click Next and review the summary. Select Advanced Options to change the Cloning Options

  6. Click Finish

    Please take note of the fact that all data and partitions will be erased from the target disk


  7. When the clone has finished, click Close