Backup Windows


Macrium Reflect provides an option to backup all partitions required to restore the Windows System. For Windows Vista and earlier versions, taking an image of your C: partition was all that was required to backup your windows system. However, with later versions of Windows, and UEFI booting systems, further auxiliary partition(s) are also required for booting; these will be identified and included in the backup if you take this option.

Using the procedure presented here, you can either run a backup immediately or create a backup definition file and schedule the backup.

To create a Windows backup

Macrium Reflect indicates system partitions by displaying the operating system logo in the top left corner of the partition on the partition diagram.

From the menu, click Backup > Backup Windows, or select the option as shown below:

The Disk Image dialog appears with all the Windows system partitions selected. Continue as for section 2 of Backup Paritions.