Backup Running

The backup running dialog shows the progress of the of the backup task.

There are a number of indicators and controls on this dialog that are detailed below:



Summary window

Shows a summary of files being backed up as well as progress items

Priority Slider

(not in File and Folder backups)

The priority slider allows you to make the backup task a high or low priority when scheduled by Windows. By setting the priority to low, other programs and tasks will be able to complete but backup progress may be slower. Setting to a high priority will ensure that the backup completes in the shortest possible time.

On completion

The combo box allows you to shutdown, hibernate or suspend your PC when the backup has been completed. Once the backup has been completed, there is an opportunity to cancel the shutdown etc if necessary. However if no intervention is made, the PC will shutdown, hibernate or suspend.

Hide button

This causes the Macrium Reflect window to minimize and reappear as an icon in the taskbar.

Cancel button

Causes the backup to be cancelled. No image is created if the backup was cancelled.

Pause button

Clicking the pause button will pause the backup until it is hit again to resume the backup.