Backup Windows

It is possible to instruct Macrium Reflect to only Backup the partitions required to restore the Windows system. Reflect checks which partitions are required to backup the Windows System and then automatically selects them. You may change the selection or add additional partitions and disks to be included in the backup.

In order to create a backup that contains the whole Windows 7/8 system, you need to ensure that the Microsoft System Reserve (MSR) partition is also selected. This is usually the volume with no drive letter at the beginning of the boot disk labelled System Reserved. This partition contains the active Partition Boot Sector (PBS)  and without it, Windows 7 and 8, cannot start.

The dialog is explained as follows:

  1. The Source section of the dialog contains the partitions that Macrium Reflect has determined are required to backup Windows. In this case, the Windows 8 installation uses a 'System Reserved' Partition as well as the 'NTFS Primary' C: partition.

  2. In the Destination section, you may choose where the backup image is to be written.

  3. The 'Backup Filename' should normally be left as the default Image ID but you can change this if you wish.
    Non-unique file names will be automatically appended with a sequence number to avoid name collisions.