Add folder

The following shows how to add a folder and files to a File and Folder backup. When you select 'Add folder' link, you are presented with a browse dialog where you are asked to select the folder you wish to add.

  1. Select the folder you wish to add files from

  2. Click OK

You can now specify the file types you wish to include or exclude from the backup process.



Include subfolders

You may choose to include all subfolders within the chosen directory

File Inclusion Mask

You can include all or just some of the files. In this example, '*.*' has been selected but you could choose say *.doc files.

File Exclusion Mask

Use the File Exclusion Mask to outline the files you do not wish to backup.

Folder Exclusion Mask

Add folder names to the Folder Exclusion Mask as required. These folders will not be added to the backup image. Names should be semicolon ';' delimited.

Exclude hidden files and folders

As described

Exclude System files and folders

As described

When you are satisfied that this dialog is correct, click OK and you will be returned to the File and folder backup dialog.